Category: Customer Quotes

October 2012

“…..the relief I’ve had from the accupuncture is phenomenal its great the insoles are great……I mean it’s more or less sorted it’s had a good few walks and coped no bother………”  Meassage left by a nurse who attended with sore feet and had one session at Chiropody Podiatry Inverness. She gave permission for me to transcribe …

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August 2012

How are your feet feeling?  “Great, brilliant never been better”.

June 2012

“…it’s like having new pair of feet…..”  “…before I found you I suffered everyday….”

May 2012

..that feels different…..better” (after dry needling, foot mobilisation and addition of orthotics) ***** “I’ve been walking on cloud nine since my visit” ***** “…just ringing to say thank you..I have a very comfortable foot which is behaving itself…just wanted to thank you for all your help and kindness….” ***** “having had a verruca for 13 …

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March 2012

“Just wanted to say that ‘Just for Feet’ is a great product! I would highly recommend it, it would make a great gift for someone who likes to be pampered”!

February 2012

A patient came to see me last week with a sore foot ( sore for about 2 years). Previous therapy from a hospital had not helped. A surgeon had offered surgery which she did not want. One session of dry needling to the muscles of her foot have rendered her pain free and able to wear heeled …

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January 2012

“That’s the man who cured my foot”. This person had a sore foot when walking and pressing accelerator.  They had one session of dry needling and the pain was gone and at time of writing has not returned.

December 2011

“Do you remember the last time I was here you stuck an accupuncture needle in my foot well I haven’t had any bother since, it was instant. I’ve been telling everyone”

Date not known

“He’s  very good podiatrist…I know from personal experience”. This was a conversation between two medical doctors in Inverness.