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The Company has for the last 15 years, been closely involved with several different manufacturers on the British Rally Championship & some European World Rally Championship events including both pre & on-event work. We have also built up an increasing involvement in the specialised organisation of V.I.P Spectator rally itineraries, both by vehicle & by helicopter, & we have an extensive and unsurpassed list of suitable viewing and landing sites throughout the U.K. We have also contacts with several experienced helicopter companies and can organise the flights to suit your needs.

Our arrangements allow the guests to enjoy the excitement of Stage Rallying; they get to see all the action close up combined with the usual Hospitality. Most of the guests will perhaps never have been to a modern Rally, but virtually all of them will be “caught-up” in the enthusiasm of the sport.

We can organise every logistical aspect of the arrangements including supplying suitable vehicles driven by experienced people, providing professionally produced itineraries, & booking hotel rooms and meals. The idea behind these itineraries is that our unrivalled knowledge of the Rallies allows your guests to go to the best sites at the right times and that by pre-planning the itinerary, your guests get the maximum enjoyment out of the event. All they need to do is arrive before the start, sit back and enjoy themselves. Of course your itinerary will be tailored to your own needs & requirements and our host-drivers are experienced enough to be able to amend the itinerary to suit your guests requirements.

The itinerary provides a plan of spectator viewing of the Rally, giving all the information that the guests may need to know, such as the times for the 1st Car into the Stages, the location of each spectating point, the distances between them and the likely journey duration. Also included are full colour maps of the special stages together with an overview of each day’s route & time schedule. Of course the itinerary may be varied either because of your requirements or because of other factors such as spectator traffic jams, darkness, bad weather. All this information can be professionally presented in a binder together with an event entry list, other Rally–related material & any information relating to your company.

The itinerary also provides your guests with a colourful souvenir & a reminder of what we hope will be an enjoyable experience for them, as well as a worthwhile corporate Public Relations exercise for yourselves.