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Having regularly organised over 40 different test days each year, we are able to offer a substantial number of test sites on Forest or Asphalt surfaces, which can provide a variety of track conditions & characteristics. This will enable you to select the track which is best suited to your test requirements. The site locations are in the principal forest rallying areas of Great Britain i.e. Wales; Northern England & Southern Scotland but we have worked with 15 different Forestry Districts from Ringwood near Bournemouth to Deeside, west of Aberdeen. These locations are broadly shown on the attached map. Click here for map

We are able to organise every administrative aspect of the test including: –

Liaison with the forest owners/agents about the availability & condition of suitable roads and negotiating the terms of the forest hire; Organising an initial visit with engineers or drivers to likely sites; Organising all the hotel bookings & meal arrangements; Providing experienced road-closer marshals equipped with safety radios providing all stage safety furniture & a “Rallying” doctor, paramedic or MSA approved Stage Rescue Unit/Ambulance with qualified personnel. Ensuringjp001s general compliance with the other conditions of the Forest Hire Agreement.

In addition we can provide a large covered shelter for your staff working on the test vehicle, as well as on-site catering. All these arrangements enable your staff to concentrate on the technical aspects of the test without being distracted by other issues.

The cost of the test is obviously dependent upon such factors as the location chosen & the forest mileage to be used, but if required, a fixed price can be agreed beforehand so that your budgetary needs are satisfied.


In addition to manufacturers teams, an increasing number of semi-professional crews are taking part in our pre-event shakedowns so that the crew and cars are both fully prepared. These are arranged before many of the British & regional National championship rallies and involve several crews so the individual costs are much reduced. They are similar to a test but are organised fairly close to the event HQ whenever possible.