How to make your Home a “Happy Home”?

Making a Home as a Happy Place follows such a creative decision. There’s a lot to consider especially the aura that the space produce. In this article, we will provide Design Ideas to make your Home such a Happy Place 1. Clutter Free Space. A happy home is one free of major clutter. It allows the end user to move freely on the given space and provide easy access to everything within the space. Being a clutter free also set a lifestyle of being a minimalist. Some people wanted to have a minimalist style of design. But there’s actually no minimalist design style. It’s our lifestyle that sets a minimalist space. 2. Home as Center of Relaxation. There’s no other place like home especially when it comes to relaxation. Set your home especially your private space as your haven. Use the space according to it’s purpose. For example, Bedroom is for resting, or intimate activities only. Don’t use it as your office or working areas to maintain the sacredness of the space.


3. Set Mood Using Color. People feel happy around the happy colors like yellow and orange. Yellow is a cheery hue that promotes creativity and communication while orange promotes optimistic and uplifting, rejuvenating our spirit. You can make a wall painted in orange or yellow and serve as an accent wall, or start in your accessories like pillows, vases or even upholstery of your furniture. The best is to decide on what area, aspect you wanted to apply the ideas of yellow and orange. 4. Proper Lighting. Bad lighting equals sadness. Yes it true because lights reveal the uniqueness of each color. It provides the true image of those expose to it. Lighting also set the mood of the space.


5. Nature’s Touch. Nature Improves Emotional Health. They provide a special energy to the end user, remember that they also belong to living things. So they have the capacity to send good energy to it’s surrounding. Also remember that we, as human needs nature to repair ourselves especially now that we are expose to high technology.